Overactive Bladder

Problems with urination are very common, particularly over the age of 50, both in men and women.

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Enlarged Prostate

Many men have an enlarged prostate gland due to benign (non-cancerous) growth. This is more common in the elderly, but occurs in most men over 50.

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Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common male cancer, with 40,000 cases diagnosed annually, in the UK.

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Kidney Conditions

Midlands Urology offer investigation and imaging to diagnose bladder disorders, kidney stones, kidney cancer and poor urinary drainage.

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Male Sexual Health & Fertility

Midlands Urology offer a wide range of treatments regarding male sexual health and fertility. This includes the treatment of erectile problems, scrotal swelling/pain, and family planning options including vasectomy.

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Bladder Cancer

Bladder cancer is the fourth most common male cancer, with 12,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the UK.

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What our clients say...

With patients across the Midlands, Midlands Urology are proud to have an excellent reputation regarding treatment for a wide range of urological conditions, including prostate cancer.

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Peter Cooke

Mr Peter Cooke MB ChB MD FRCS England FRCS Ireland FRCS (Urology) is a leading urological surgeon and cancer specialist.

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