Many patients wish to share their experiences of their care and their treatment journeys under Peter Cooke. Several are shown below.

Some patients have offered to act as patient advocates, and are willing to be contacted directly by phone to offer help, advice and support to others preparing to undergo surgery. If you wish to speak to one, please contact Mary Riley and she can arrange a callback.

“Meticulous approach to all tests to ensure a completely accurate diagnosis. Procedure performed by totally professional and highly trained Surgeon and Anaesthetist ensuring minimal discomfort and no pain producing very fast recovery and ongoing results far above my expectations.”

“I am continually amazed at the speed of my recovery and how the operation was performed, the medical technology now available and the fact that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from it.”

“Mr Peter Cooke has been keeping an eye on my PSA levels for a number of years diligently conducting tests periodically and communicating clearly with the results. During this time I became aware of Peter’s reputation as a leading and extremely experienced practitioner in the field of robotic prostate surgery.

When my latest tests finally revealed a significant cancer, I had no hesitation in proceeding with a radical prostatectomy. Although this is a major procedure, Peter and his impressive team gave me great confidence on the day and I have recovered rapidly with minimum of side effects due to the surgical skill of Peter and the team. I would recommend Peter Cooke without hesitation.”

“As a 46 year old man who considered himself extremely fit and active with no family history of prostate cancer, my diagnosis was a complete shock to my family and I and obviously a very stressful time.

Right from the first meeting with Peter Cooke, I felt I was in the very best hands possible which gave me a great deal of confidence. Mr Cooke took the time to talk through all my options, fully explaining the risks, benefits and possible side effects of each, and together we decided that da Vinci robotic surgery was the best route for me.

The whole process from the pre-op, the surgery itself and the aftercare was exactly as explained and I was hugely impressed with Mr Cooke’s whole urology team who gave me such wonderful care throughout and are clearly extremely experienced.

My outcome to date has been very good and my recovery has been exactly as predicted. I feel I have been and remain in the best hands possible and I would unreservedly recommend Mr Cooke and his Midlands Urology team to others”

“I feel incredibly blessed to have been referred to Mr Cooke for the treatment of my prostate cancer. From the moment I first walked through the door of his consulting room, the quality of advice and quality of care that I received have been of the highest standard imaginable. I underwent radical prostatectomy by robotic surgery. The outcome has been far better than I ever considered possible. Everything has returned to normal over a period of just a few weeks. My PSA level is now down at 0.0008 and my bodily functions are all under control and working normally. There is no doubt that Mr Cooke and his team have seriously changed my life and outlook for the better. I am very very grateful and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”